People breathe so they don’t die,
while they have to breathe in order to live …

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What is YogaYourVoice:

YogaYourVoice seeks to compose the complete singer/actor/performer. The 21st Century pedagogical development of cultivating voice and creativity in the performing arts, is met in the combination of simple yoga postures and voice technique.

As already pointed out by Pythagoras, every celestial body, even every tiny atom of the universe, produces specific sounds with its movement, its rhythm and its pulse. The set of sounds makes up the universal harmony, in which each element retains its characteristics and function, contributing to the “whole”. Yoga means “union” and through the union the “whole” is formed. The point is that all the elements in our body are harmonized to find our authentic self and, with YogaYourVoice, our authentic voice. The development of our voice’s self-awareness leads to self-expression, a necessary element of interpretation, but also of our daily communication. YogaYourVoice achieves the balance and integrity of the natural vocal instrument and activates the practitioner’s creative self.


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Did you know that …

your 2nd chakra is responsible for the choking you feel in your neck while singing or speaking?

… when singing does not come as fluently and naturally as talking, it is because of blockings you can easily overcome, whatever your body characteristics may be?

…the agility of your voice is reliant on your 3rd chakra?

…vocal instability and artistic insecurity are associated with inactive 1st chakra?

The above and many more are easily and effectively solved with YogaYourVoice.
With YogaYourVoice, you can safely be playful with your voice, and it is a pleasure and much fun!

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    The singer/actor/performer who practices YogaYourVoice discovers his/her true voice and expression, elements that are linked to the body’s seven (7) energy centers, the chakras. Blocked chakras are responsible for the instability of the voice and/or the tuning, the fear of the stage (but also the fear of exposure in general), the insecurity, the agility of the voice, the emotional distancing in expression, the difficulty of obtaining information, the confusion, the inspiration, etc.. Regardless of the voice, blocked chakras are responsible for any type of emotional abnormalities and situations.
    YogaYourVoice acts as an educational tool. By combining a series of simple yoga postures, proper breathing, vocal exercises and a variety of therapeutic vocal practicing (vibrations), YogaYourVoice releases the voice, awakens the self-awareness of the singer/actor/performer, activates the chakras so that the artist feels secure, complete and ready to conquer the stage. It’s a fun body and voice game, with spectacular results.

    Target Audience

    YogaYourVoice is for performers (singers, actors, dancers), also to everyone wishing to evolve and improve emotionally and mentally and to those who use their voice as work tool.  YogaYourVoice addresses work and stress anxiety from challenges and demands of everyday life. This is achieved by unblocking all chakras via voice and yoga techniques, allowing free flow of energy.

    Gina Poulou

    Gina Poulou is a lyric coloratura and a voice teacher, member of National Association of Teachers of Singing (NATS, USA). She studied piano and voice at the National Conservatory of Athens, from where she graduated with honors/distinction and prizes of excellence. She then won two scholarships and continued her studies in singing in New York. She won world-famous singing prizes and awards in competitions and she has sung/sings leading parts in numerous productions in Europe, Ukraine and the USA.
    She is a member of the faculty of Camerata Bardi Vocal Academy, which is the Young Artists Program of Teatro Grattacielo in New York.Gina Poulou leads a voice teaching career for over twenty years offering private voice tutoring and teaching in renowned European conservatories. As a member of NATS, she prepares singers and actors for opera/musical productions and the theater. She has produced and run musical educational activities in collaboration with university professors and she has led voice teaching seminars in Europe and the USA. She is practicing and teaching the innovative voice technique YogaYourVoice, which she uses in her voice teaching, offering relevant seminars worldwide and online.Gina Poulou has also a BA degree with distinction in “History, Archeology and Art”, and a MA in “History, New Technologies and Education” with distinction. She is a mother of two (an Architect and a Geologist). She loves cooking, yoga and traveling, and she leads a vegan lifestyle with a positive attitude to life.



    “I have rarely felt so much power in my body as during my introduction class to Yoga Your Voice. Working with Gina was exciting! She is very clear in her  demonstration of each pose. I am a beginner in working my voice this way, so I very much appreciated the time Gina took to walk our class through the different Chakras' properties and their functions and correlating poses and chants. I was completely fascinated by all of the in depth information Gina relayed to us. On top of all this, she is a true artist and a wonderful person. It was constant laughter and giggling from every zoom video square on the screen! We had so much fun. Thank you for a fantastic experience, Gina. I look forward to learning more!”

    Stephanie Lorenz - Soprano, Florida (U.S.A.)

    «By far this had been one of my best experiences ever for my mind, body and voice! Working with Gina as a yoga vocal instructor is liberating and informative. Together we "Yogalize" and what a journey. Incorporating Vocal exercises through yoga has had a positive and energetic influence on my singing and body. Gina's guides you through the entire process and a fantastic mentor! I am now going to work with her on a one on one basis to further my commitment to enhance everything I can produce with this new technique and experience».

    David Santiago - Tenor, New York

    «I met Gina Poulou while I was a member of the Young Artists Program of the Teatro Grattacielo. From the very first “Yoga Your Voice” lesson, Gina conveyed trust and familiariry, and helped me open up and relax. In just a few lessons, I realized that this practice can really improve performers’ technical and stage abilities and skills as well as their everyday life».

    Marios Maniatopoulos - Tenor/Writer/Student of ESART, Opera division, Portugal

    «We worked with Gina Poulos as part of a two-day YogaYourVoice seminar organized by our organization in Cyprus. The participation has been overwhelming but nevertheless Ms. Poulou managed to work both collectively with the team and individually with each participant, providing them with a unique experience that benefited them the most. All participants felt an immediate difference in their voice, regardless of age, level of voice and / or abilities. Ms. Poulou's excellent approach and professionalism have received universal recognition, and in conjunction with YogaYourVoice practices, this seminar has become a “must” for both amateur and professional artists, regardless of age or level».

    Stavros V. Kyriakides - President of the Avantgarde Cultural Foundation, Cyprus

    « YogaYourVoice is for the voice what is yoga for the body. It helps you see the potential of your body to produce sound in the most natural and effortless way. But this becomes a real experience when Gina Poulou teaches it. She is such a charismatic, generous and bright creature that makes you believe nothing is impossible. With a sense of humor, deep knowledge, and an absolute love for what she does, Gina helps you to awaken every blocky part of your body and spirit, while admiring the technical and mental integrity of a great artist who becomes very humble in order to pass all her knowledge to you. My life and voice after Gina and YogaYourVoice were illuminated in the most revealing and beautiful way. Gina, thank you!»

    Harris Attonis - Actor, Athens (Greece)

    «Through my lessons with Gina, I realized the difference of professional quality and approach to the field of voice. I was singing before meeting Gina, but through her lessons, literally, I experienced my voice and all its colors almost immediately, and I was filled with confidence. Practicing YogaYourVoice, which combines peace of mind, vocal technique, gentle exercise and concentration, singing is properly practiced and the singer’s personality develops stronger».

    Wesley Felix Martins Reis - Psychology student / Voice student, Athens (Greece)

    «Yoga your voice is an amazing experience that really makes you feel great !! Personally I reached notes I never thought I had !!! I highly recommend it !!! Gina thank you!!»

    Vicky Panousopoulou - Private employee (Pharmacy)/Amateur singer, Athens (Greece)

    « YogaYourVoice is a unique way of approaching vocal art, because it reveals to you the primordial power of sound and how it can practically unblock our body and our emotional world. My experience with Gina Poulou was unique as she immediately manages to understand what you need and with her positive energy, her knowledge and her love she leads you directly to the source of your voice. It is a great method for professionals and non-professionals alike».

    Elena Hadjiafxendi - Actress/ Soprano, Cyprus

    «By practicing YogaYourVoice, not only did I discover the voice I didn't know I had, but I was strengthened as a person, since I was able to deal with my stress and insecurities ... In addition I have to mention that the lesson with Gina is unique in itself, because she has an unique and wonderful way of communicability and communication».

    Foteini Kousouri - Voice student, Athens (Greece)

    «Gina's singing lesson is a unique experience. With the following method (YogaYourVoice), she manages to energize the body to produce a full, productive and healthy sound. In addition, Gina, through her technique, offers relaxation to the student, which is very important for a singer. In particular, the different postures and swings while singing, the relaxed mouth, the correct voice direction and breathing have helped me a lot to make my sound more full and round and my volume increased. Yoga is one of the most ideal methods of exercise as it activates the body and mind, and the different movements while singing with YogaYourVoice is extremely interesting and functional, so I highly recommend it to every singer».

    Konstantinos Palaiologou - Bass Baritone/University Student of Music, Ionian University, Corfu (Greece)

    «She unlocked my voice like no other, unseen, “terrifying” sounds emerged from within me, relieving me from a significant burden of fear and insecurity. This is what the unique Gina Poulou does through YogaYourVoice».

    Marina Argyridou, - Actress, Cyprus

    «Amazing voice teacher with excellent technique! Through YogaYourVoice she managed not only to unblock my voice but also my inner self. Gina, a huge thank you!»

    Joanna Arvanitopoulou - Soprano/ Dentistry student, Athens (Greece)